Tuesday, November 15, 2016

NC Wildfires

We've had a very dry season especially since early October. A few spotty showers but not enough to keep the ground moist. The threat of fire is always something that those of us living in the mountains are aware of. The latest news about the NC wildfires illustrates the potential for fire damage in our area. These fires are difficult to contain especially during drought conditions.

The High Country has been spared except for smoke and air quality concerns. Most of the fires are to our south and west and pose no threat. We still have to be careful as we're currently blanketed with fall leaves and dry timber.

On a lighter note... Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Please be safe in your travels and plan to come see us when you can!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ridgeline Properties Launch

I'm excited to report that our new company Ridgeline Properties LLC officially launched this past week. Our goal is to provide custom real estate services to both buyers and sellers of NC mountain properties.

Custom services simply means that you can expect one-on-one assistance from our agents. We're with you every step of the way in your real estate transaction. This includes helping buyers find properties that fit their criteria and their budget. Assisting sellers in the preparation of property for sale. We'll provide the best of communications so no client is left out in the dark not knowing what's going on.

So, help me spread the word... we can be reached at (828) 406-4823, 24/7 or contact me at   kent@ncridgelineproperties.com   for a speedy reply!

One last note: we won't drive you nuts with advertisements on this blog but this announcement had to be made. See you next week with another blog post.

Monday, July 25, 2016

You Have Dog Days... we have 'puppy days'

While a majority of North Carolina is under heat stress our mountains still enjoy comfortable temps. Don't get me wrong, it's a bit warmer than we like but still a far cry cooler than lower elevations.

We're consumed with wildflowers all around us. The Brown Eyed Susans have taken over and are in full bloom. Milkweed, Turk's Cap Lily and Bee Balm are everywhere too. If you like flowers then now's a good time to do some exploring here in Ashe County.

Our hummingbirds continue to drink 6oz of food a day as they prepare for their fall trip south.

The garden is in full swing but it appears not as good as last year. We've heard that some vegetable plants this year are not the best quality and not producing like in the past.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Winter Is A Welcome Season

2016 rolled out of the chute at such a fast pace that I'm finally able to take a breathe and update the blog.
Every season in Ashe County reminds me why this is one of the best places to live in North Carolina. Winter offers up some days that are mild with a slight nip in the air and other days bring snow and colder temps. I much prefer the varied days than having a winter that grabs you from December until spring.
Don't misunderstand, I'm anxious for spring to arrive but not for the reasons you think. Spring brings 'new life'. I enjoy seeing all the trees come alive and the wildflowers pop out everywhere. Truth is all the seasons in our area are fantastic and about the time I'm anxious for a change a new season arrives.
Remember, you're always invited to come visit. It won't take long and you'll agree, this IS one of the best places to live in North Carolina.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fall Is Delayed A Few Days

Fall in North Carolina is something to behold. The late days of September and most of October usher in a carpet of radiant color everywhere you look. Nowhere more than in our High Country mountains. The colors aren't just vivid they're down right blazing.

Most of you are experiencing the heavy rains from Hurricane Joaquin and from where I'm sitting, it's the topic of conversation in our parts as well. We need the rain for sure but after 9 days I'm ready to hang up the raincoat and grab the camera. I was able to get out a bit just before the dam broke and catch these few images. The weatherman says we're going to see some pretty nice forecasts in the very near future so I'm gearing up to catch up with my fall photography here in the High Country.

I'm pleased with the results of my photographic trek in one way but really don't feel like pixels capture the true radiance. My home office has beautiful views of our mountains and it's windows are only three feet away from me so I'm forever comparing the image on my computer screen with the reality I'm so fortunate to be a part of.

Plan on coming up for a few days or a lifetime. We've got plenty of NC mountain cabins waiting for you and your family.

October is really the best time to experience the beauty of our fall foliage. I hope you do carve out some time to take the short drive up to see us and let the mountains of North Carolina show you why the High Country is the place to be this time of year.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Crispy Weather Can Only Mean One Thing

You can count on it every year about this time. The weather in the High Country just gets even better (if you can imagine that). The mornings have a crisp feel to them with temperatures in the 50's with low to no humidity. Clear blue skies and miles-long views are the daily fare.

There's also a hint of change in the color of the leaves. The locust have been showing off for the past several weeks but now other varieties start to chime in as well. Appalachian State University came out with their leaf predictions for our area and it looks like we're in for a spectacular fall season. You can visit their website for more information: Fall Color Indicators for the High Country

If you're planning a trip up to visit then the next seven weeks should guarantee ideal temps and ongoing leaf change. The best leaf peeping times are in October so start your plans today.

On another note... I've started my new website, NC High Country Homes. The site is chocked full of useful information for those wanting to visit the area or have an interest in buying into our corner of heaven: NC High Country Homes

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Play golf more often than every 7 years

Golf is one of those sports that I enjoy. Golf is a game of skill and strategy. Playing golf gets you out into the fresh air. Golf is a great way to meet other people. Golf should not be played every seven years.

Jim, a good friend of mine from Blowing Rock, NC called and wanted to know if I wanted to play a round of golf. Not having played in a long time, I was a bit reluctant but quickly gave in and accepted the invitation.

I knew about Mountain Aire Golf Club in West Jefferson and suggested that we play there. Jim hadn't played there either and agreed that Mountain Aire would be the venue. We met at 8:30 for a 9:00 tee time and before you knew it we were well into the game. The game for Jim was as it's supposed to be, size up the shot, hit the ball in as few strokes as possible. I, on the other hand, chose a different approach. My plan turned out to be hitting the ball as many times as possible before eventually landing the wayward ball, if I could find it, into the cup. Remember, I said I enjoy golf.

I'm not going to bore you with my first 9 hole score nor my back 9 hole score. I will tell you that I was offering my old set of clubs to any takers for a song on the first 9 but I did much better on the back 9 (glad no one sang for my old clubs).

I learned some valuable lessons. Play golf more often than every 7 years. Play the game to enjoy it no matter how good or bad you actually play. Play golf on a beautiful course like Mountain Aire. The most valuable lesson I learned was how great it is to live in the High Country of North Carolina.